WNAC Ministries

Women Nationally Active for Christ is actively involved in a number of vital ministries, from scholarships for domestic and international students to a well-stocked provision closet that provides for the needs of missionaries returning from foreign fields. 

These ministries include:  

Provision Closest—the closet is stocked through the sacrificial giving of women all over the United States. This ministry provides women with an opportunity to share what they have been given in tangible ways. It provides linens, stainless steel flatware, and other domestic items for our missionaries, both home and international. These items are given free of charge to missionaries, keeping them from spending money from their accounts for household items. This allows them to build funds to return to the field.  

Shine—a conference designed for Young Women Active for Christ, ages 12-18, that provides a safe place to tackle cultural messages with biblical truth and practical plans for making good decisions in a difficult world.   

Flourish—Regional “Flourish” events bring women together around relevant topics to help live victorious, faithful lives. Fellowship and networking are important aspects of these conferences.  

Scholarships—helps Free Will Baptist women of all ages discover and utilize God-designed roles for communicating the gospel.  

Bible Study Guides—studies for both young and mature women of faith linked above. 

The WNAC Tree 

For 87 years, WNAC has been “bearing fruit” as one of the most effective supporters of Free Will Baptist missions work. In the last decade alone, the ministry has given over $2 million to home and international missions. And this does not include the hundreds of thousands of dollars in supplies given to missionaries and church planters from the Steward Provision Closet. It does not include gifts to children’s homes, annual college scholarships both nationally and internationally, and local missions projects and objectives. To the glory of God, WNAC has produced excessive fruit!

 We need to take care of the tree. 

While Free Will Baptist ladies always have been faithful in giving to missions, supporting special projects, and donating to the Provision Closet, we have not given enough attention to the WNAC office itself—the tree bearing the bountiful fruit. As a result, the WNAC office is currently understaffed and underfunded. The budget has already been pruned to the breaking point. If something doesn’t change soon, the office could experience lasting damage. 

The Giving Tree 

To meet these financial needs, the WNAC Board has established the WNAC Giving Tree, a fundraising campaign designed to increase annual income to the office by $35,000, relieving financial pressure and making future growth possible. You can join the Giving Tree by partnering with WNAC in one of the following categories of monthly giving: 

White leaf -$10 per month 

Bronze leaf-$25 per month 

Silver leaf-$50 per month 

Gold leaf-$100 per month. 

To learn more and sign up, visit https://www.wnac.org/giving-tree/