What is Oklahoma Free Will Baptist Women's Ministry ?


In conjunction with Women Nationally Active for Christ (WNAC), we, Oklahoma Women Active for Christ (OWAC), exist to provide opportunities for each woman to fulfill the Great Commission through her God-designed role at home and abroad as Oklahoma FWB Women’s Ministry. Recognizing and respecting pastoral leadership, OWAC desires to assist local congregations in implementing and encouraging thriving, biblically based, outward focused women’s groups. We desire to work together to accomplish Kingdom goals. 


 Our desire is to be a part of the growth and development of our Free Will Baptist (FWB) body and, greater still, to reach those women who would join the body of Christ. We are not just for those who identify as an auxiliary group, but for any and all women who desire to be actively involved in kingdom work. Free Will Baptist women have been “organized” for many years and active longer than those years recorded. Women have been advocates and supporters of those whom the Lord has called as missionaries and ministry partners since the beginning of the Church. Just as those before us sought to serve the body of Christ, so we too, as OWAC, trust that the Lord will continue to use our willing service for His glory. Our service is, but not limited to, the fulfilling of the Great Commission through the support of missions and missionaries with our state projects and individual church projects. We strive to edify the body through our annual state conference and regional retreats. Our hope is to encourage, support, and train those women who will also pursue the Father and His leading, drawing more souls to Jesus Christ. 

Who is Oklahoma Free Will Baptist Women's Ministry for?

Oklahoma Women Active for Christ is for ALL Free Will Baptist women. You DO NOT have to be in an organized “auxiliary” in order to participate with OWAC. We are here for you. We are Oklahoma’s FWB Women’s Ministry. 

How is Oklahoma Free Will Baptist Women's Ministry organized?

Oklahoma Free Will Baptist Women's Ministry is governed by the Free Will Baptist women of Oklahoma. To read our constitution click here

What is the function of Oklahoma Free Will Baptist Women's Ministry?

Regional Retreats 

As is very common in all cultures, women tend to be very social. We need one another for support whether we are facing difficult times or just want to share our joy. For this reason and others, Oklahoma FWB Women’s Ministry hopes to continue our efforts in assisting women’s groups across our state in organizing one day events within a region that will promote community among all sisters in Christ and more unity among our church families. These events may include, but not be limited by:  Guest speakers  Worshiping together  Sharing a meal  Crafting  Working together on special project, etc. 

State Projects 

Every year at our business meeting members vote on projects to support as a body of Women Active for Christ. These projects are only a few of the many areas of giving and support in which Oklahoma FWB women participate. The projects are chosen with these categories in mind:  Missions and missionaries, home and abroad  Randall University  National Convention (Oklahoma hosts every 10 years) Every women’s group is encouraged to share what ministries they have supported during the year on their yearly report. 

College Scholarship 

We want to encourage women in their pursuit of a higher education and so provide a scholarship for qualifying applicant(s) per scholastic year for a FWB woman enrolled in one of our FWB colleges. 

Randall Women’s Ministry 

We desire to be an encouraging presence to the female students of Randall by building relationships with them, giving gifts, and helping them to draw closer to the Lord through a real and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Ways we hope to see our vision come to fruition:  Welcome event at the beginning of the Fall semester,  Attending ball game,  Attending chapel,  Being visible and available on campus when able,  Sponsoring students to attend OWAC yearly conference 

How can I get involved?

Please contact Chrissy or email oklahomawac@gmail.com if you are interested in any of the following:  

How can I support OWAC financially?

In the past OWAC has been supported by contributions given through local groups called dues. As of April 1, 2023, contributions given by way of dues per person will be distributed among our various ministries by the percentages determined by the body through the Tabitha Plan as will all other contributions unless the funds have been designated to other areas. Read more about the Tabitha Plan here. 

There are many options for those who would like to give. Some churches have put OWAC in their budget. For example, one church contributes 1% of their offerings to OWAC. Another option might be to have a fund raiser especially for Women’s Ministry and share the profits with OWAC. Monthly or quarterly offerings might be another options. Use your imagination. Give to Kingdom work for His glory. 

Why support OWAC financially?

“We exist to provide opportunities for each woman to fulfill the Great Commission through her God-designed role at home and abroad.” We do this by organizing events and assisting groups as needed for the purpose of edifying the body and contributing to the growth and development of FWB women. 

Who are our current Oklahoma missionaries?

Learn more about OK International missionaries at https://iminc.org/our-impact/im-missionaries/